In the Delta

A message from The Foundation President

Hello to all our SAMF Members out there in the wilds of this Covid 19 business! My first thoughts are to all of you, hoping that you are managing to adjust well to the once a week shopping trip to Superstore, talking to the grand kids on the phone as often as you can, hoping that that they aren’t trying to get away from you. Mom, how come they call so often?! They never used to! Can’t you just hear it now. It makes you feel so helpless doesn’t it. We all have to do out personal bit to ensure safety for everyone, but it sure gets old in a hurry. My wife has been cleaning the kitchen cupboards. It almost passes the old boys test, with the peas all sized right to left, next the corn niblets, the various sauces that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before…there must be a lot of sauce in what we eat! Then the chips stacked neatly in their brand new wicker box in the basement, the fridge in the kitchen has never been this organized, the burned out lightbulbs in the garage are all replaced now with brand new ones (I never knew there were that many shades of curly cue light bulbs before), and tomorrow, believe it or not, we’re going to clean out the freezer in the garage. I wonder how many different sizes of turkeys there will be resting on the bottom of it!?

But seriously folks, even if you just want to gab, give a call to an old friend. These are the types of activities we should all be engaging in. Get out your old telephone lists and see if how many of them you can find at the end of a telephone. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts you will find quite a few, and they will be overjoyed you called. Just tell them you are spending the time catching up with old friends. They will appreciate it.

Seriously though folks, don’t let this thing get you down. We have been through hard times in the past, and we persevered. This isn’t any fun, but we’ll persevere again I dare say. And come next fall the sunrises and sunsets may even be a different sort of a colour, as there isn’t as much pollution from car exhausts in the air. If you’ve got something on your mind museum wise, just give Karen or myself a call and we’ll see what we can do for you. But the most important thing to do is to stay safe folks. We want you around for as long as the good Lord wants you to be. Don’t let any of these nasty little virri get you down. It’ll all be over soon and we can all tell our stories down at the golf course towards the end of summer.

Take care all. And be kind to your grocery store clerks. Give them a wave and say hello and that you appreciate them.

John Cody

Memberships/ 500 club tickets/ 50-50 tickets can still be purchased by calling Karen Collacutt- McHarg at  902-461-0062,or 902-462-7043
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
eTransfer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can visit the Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation website and pay there while the snail mail has been stopped until this Covid-19 ends.
Check us out on Facebook if you have access, I post lots of photos daily.


Adam Glennys    
Adam James Dartmouth NS
Adamski  Stan    
Aggas Robert 'Bob'    
Allan Jock    
Allen Harold ‘Spike’    
Allen Howard 'Howie'    
Amyotte James    
Anderson Alexander (Andy) Canning NS
Anderson Beatrice ‘Rocky’    
Aquanno Frank    
Arnold John (Stretch)    
Aston Brian Cumbria  
Atkison Eric    
Ayer Bud    


Babcooke Mel    
Babineau Leo St. Bruno QC
Bailey Ralph Dartmouth NS
Baird Robert D. Comox BC
Baker H.W. Gloucester ON
Bartlett Margaret    
Bartlett Richard Victoria BC
Bashford Anthony Streetsville ON
Bateman Cliff    
Baumhour Al    
Bayley Terence Scarborough ON
Bayne Dave    
Bays Rod    
Beeman J.H. Ottawa ON
Bell DW    
Bell J. H.    
Bell John, H.    
Belleau E. Bedford NS
Beltrami George Kingston ON
Bennitt Geoff    
Benton David Blaine WA
Bereza W. Parksville BC
Biggs Leonard    
Bird J.M.    
Bissett Bob    
Bissett Robert James Middleton NS
Blinkhorn Dave    
Boivin Pierre    
Bond James    
Bonneau Marcel Rosario Halifax NS
Bonner Len    
Boone Harold Roland    
Bortnak John Calgary AB
Bosko Floyd Douglas    
Bosquet Ronald Ottawa ON
Boutin Mary    
Bowles Robert (Bob)    
Boyle Francios (Frank)    
Bradley Diane    
Bradley Gary    
Brambley Kendrick John    
Breen Hugh    
Brenton Harry    
Briard Kerry    
Brooker Clarence Jerome    
Brooks D.J. St. John NB
Brown Glenn    
Brown Robert W TechA    
Brown W.K. (Ugly)    
Browning Orval Canning NS
Brunelle Paul Dartmouth NS
Bruner Gwynn    
Brushett Gerald    
Buckley Frank Sr.    
Bullock Ken Tazmania Austrailia
Burchell Allen Toronto ON
Burke Patrick James    


Calver Ulva    
Campbell Ryan    
Cann Charlie    
Carr David    
Carrigan Sean    
Carter Harry    
Cartwright Brian Bear River NS
Carver Dorothy Kathleen Emily    
Carver Joseph Ernest George    
Cash Donald Lunenburg NS
Caudle Doug    
Caulier Alfred    
Cavan Len    
Cavanagh John New Glasgow NS
Chandler Derek   BC
Chapman Howard    
Charlton Peter Ottawa ON
Chaulk Cliff Richmond ON
Chisholm Gwen (Bob)    
Clements Dan    
Cleveland Eugene Howard    
Cocks Robert Mahone Bay NS
Coell Ronald Victoria BC
Cogdon David    
Coldham Gordon High River AB
Collens Don Dartmouth NS
Collins P. Victoria BC
Conroy Francis David    
Considine M.A. Victoria BC
Cook W.A. Collingwood ON
Corman Edward ‘Ed’    
Corman Jim Dartmouth NS
Cornish Robert (Bob) Hawkstone ON
Coughlan John    
Cowan William Dartmouth NS
Craig Ed    
Crawford Jim Chester NS
Creelman Michael 'Mike'    
Cribb John (Jack)    
Cruddas Edward (Ted) Ottawa ON
Cumming Donald East Pennent NS
Curleigh Brigadier-General Colin M. Greenhill NS
Cutler Hugh Chilliwack BC


Dagenais Albert Laurent    
Dainard George Riverview NB
Daley C. Victoria BC
Dance George Nepean ON
Dandeno Thomas (Tom) Frederick    
Davey Bruce Vanier ON
Davey George Wilfred    
Davis Dick    
Davis Douglas    
Davis Hal Hull QC
Davis Edward McKeown "Ted"   ON
Davy Bill    
Decker Murrary Guerdon    
DeFreitas Claire    
Desrochers Gabe Dartmouth NS
Dinney Bud Calgary AB
DIXON Roger    
Dixon Ronald Frederick    
Dominey Herb    
Doucette Ray    
Down Frank Trenton ON
Doyle Adrian (Newf)    
DUBE Paul ‘The Fossil’    
Dunham Charles Armprior ON
DUNN Paul    
Durnford Jack Douglas    


Eastwood Willard Oshawa ON
Eden Lillian Frances    
Edgar Eric Waverly NS
Edwards Admiral Gordon Halifax NS
Elliott William 'Bill'    
Emanuel Frank    
Evelyn Bill Calgary AB


Fairbairn S.J. Victoria BC
Falls Adm. R.H. Ottawa ON
Fane Peter Saanichton BC
Farrell William East Lawrencetown NS
Fasevich Michael Alexander (Mike) Bedford NS
Fearon William Edmonton AB
Ferguson Harry    
Fischer Hugh    
Fleming George    
Fleming Mrs A.    
Fisher Cdr R.E.    
Flight Ernest (M) Winnipeg MB
Folkins Ronald    
Forman Ted    
Forsyth Len Dartmouth NS
Foster Gordon Douglas    
Foster R. Gloucester ON
Fraser Frederick (Fred) Charles    
Freeman John Winston Margaretsville NS
Frusher Geoff    


Galagher Dennis    
Geale (Ret'd) LCdr. RAN RE MBE North Nowra NSW Au
Gendron Marc J    
Gibbons Robert Victoria BC
Gibbs Ken    
Gibson Doug Mountain ON
Gibson John (JW) Belleville ON
Gillespie William (Bill) Dartmouth NS
Gillis D Dartmouth NS
Goddard Terry    
Goode Betty    
Goode James    
Goodman Glenn    
Gorman Edward (Ed)    
Graham Robert (Bob) Fenelon Falls ON
Graham Tom London ON
Gray Gordon Campbell   NS
Green Si Nepean ON
Greenwood Harry Dartmouth NS
Gregory Edward Peterborough ON
Grentz Reg    
Griffiths Gordon Milledge "Griff"     
Grossmith Seth Walter    
Guest Jim Oro Valley AZ


Haddow Alexander Robert Glen (Bob)    
Haire Colonel David (Ret'd)    
Hall George David Mount Hope ON
Hall John Drummond 'Jack'    
Hamilton Ian    
Hamilton Pete    
Hamilton Ivor Halifax NS
Harding Ross Lachine QC
Harrowar J.B. Calgary AB
Harzan H.G. Victoria BC
HAWKINS Jack    
Hawthorne Allan    
Headley Doris West Milton Rotherham South York
Heaton Doriene    
Hennessy Ralph Lucian Ottawa ON
Hill Don London ON
Hill Edwin Dartmouth NS
Hill Fred Digby  
Hill Lorraine    
Hill Ron AESOP    
Hillaby Paul 'OSCAR'    
Hollywood Harry    
Holmes Robert ‘Bob’    
Hopkins James Dartmouth NS
Hopkins Nigel Calgary AB
Houde Wayne    
Hotham George    
Howard E    
Howe Jean    
Hulan George    
Hull Les    
HUME Cecil    
Hunter Don Gloucester ON
Hutchins Roger    
Hyde Peter Ottawa ON
Hynes Ann    


Inkpen Earl    
Ireland Bob    
Ireland Tom   BC


Janusas Edmund ‘Ed’    
Jobin Jean-Paul St-Foy QC
Johnson Alistair Cairns ‘Al’    
Johnson J Owen Sound ON
Johnson James (Jim)    
Johnston C.G. Mississauga ON
Johnston Anna    
Johnston Sheila Margaret    
JONES Don (Nav)    
Jones Walter A. (Wally)    


Kaden Harvey    
Keeler Tony    
Kelly Mary (Dave)    
Kieser Edward Dartmouth NS
Kieser Marie    
King Mary    
Kjellstrom Eric Niagra Falls ON
Kneebone Raymond C. Stoney Creek ON
Knowles John B.    


Labute Ken    
Lacovetsky Arnold Dartmouth NS
Laforme George    
Lambie Vince Halifax NS
Landry David Phillip Kelona BC
Langman Donald George (Don)    
Langman Michael West Sussex UK
Laramee Guy Port Hastings NS
Lawrence R Dartmouth NS
Lawton James (Jim)    
Lawton Robert    
Leadbeater Alvin Currie 'Al'    
Leclair Dave New Glasgow NS
Lefaivre Francis Calgary AB
Lewry Jack    
Lewis A.E. Bedford NS
Ley John Victoria BC
Lightfoot Herb    
Lilley Don    
Logan Donald (Don) Allen Courtenay BC
Lourme Ernest Dartmouth NS
Lowe John Victoria BC
Lowe Michael Willmot NS
Lucas Fred    
Luke R.J. Victoria BC


MacAlpine Gerald    
MacDonald Bob (Robert) Comox BC
MacLean Owen (Bud)    
MacIntosh Jim    
MacKinnon Reg Kirkland Lake ON
MacLeod John Dartmouth NS
MacPhail Agnus    
MacPhail G. Lawrencetown NS
Malony Gerald James (Jerry)    
Maloney Gerald James ‘Jerry’    
MANN Fred    
Manning Tom    
Marlow George San Antonio Florida
Marsh Victor Porters Lake NS
Mason David Truro NS
Matchett Robert Colabassas CA
Mattatall Frank    
Mazmanian J. Fort Erie ON
Mayhew Milton Matthew (Butch)    
McCallum B.C. Ottawa ON
McClung William Welington NS
McCormick R (Skip)    
McCowell D. Lewis Ottawa ON
McDermott William (Bill)    
McGowan Stu Victoria BC
McInnes Lloyd Maple Ridge BC
McKAY Victor Hetherington    
McKinney Bill Bridgewater NS
McLaughlin Irwin (Bash)    
McMillen G Lwr Sackville NS
Mead Bert Port Moody BC
Mead Ken Bonnyville AB
Meikle Ken    
Mercer Curt Truro NS
Mercereau Cecil E.    
Merrick Mike    
Mifflin Fred    
Millar Frederick Red Deer County AB
Millman Ken Victoria BC
Mills J.B. Abbotsford BC
Mills James Beachburg ON
Mofford Robert 'Bob'    
Moody Harold    
Moore Al    
Molloy J.B.A. (Molly)    
More Gerald Gloucester ON
Moore Al    
Moss Jack Gloucester ON
Muggah Ravere 'Paul'    
Muir Bill Victoria BC
Munro William Ottawa ON
Murray Douglas Charles    
Murray William Henry Panmure Island PE
Muzzerall Cecil Clarendon NB
Myers Maxine    


Near Ronald ‘Pop’    
Nemeth A    
Newall Rusty Calgary AB
Nifort Elizabetgh 'Liz'    
Nivan Roy (Spiv)    
Noble BoB    
Norman Brian Allan    
Northrup Brian    


O'Brian Jack    
O'Donnell Paddy Gen.    
O'Neile Odette    
Ojaick Desmond Dartmouth NS
Orrell Donald    
Osgood Arthur Halifax NS


Patterson L.M.   Spain
Patterson Rev. John    
Pattison Donald    
Pattison R.O. Wellington NS
Peacocke Doug    
Peacocke Marie    
Peasey George Leslie 'Les'    
Peeling Donald Dartmouth NS
Peever Les    
Pennoy Peter    
Pepper Richard 'Dick' Dartmouth NS
Percy Authur    
Peters Delbert    
Philco Millie    
Philco Ray Dartmouth NS
Phillips Raymond    
Phillips Vernon Indian River ON
Pickering Harold Cochrane ON
Piers RAdm. D.W. Chester NS
Pike John Antigonish NS
Pilgrim James Andrew    
Porter Charles Dartmouth NS
Porter Frank Port Aux Basque NF
Porter Harry    
Potter Glen    
Power Captain J. Kevin    
Powick Ian Scotsdale AZ
Pringle Gilbert    
Procher Ted    
Purchase Donald Westphal NS
Purkis Charlie Lower Sackville NS
Pyper Roger Gloucester ON


Quick Fred    


Rawding Dean Dartmouth NS
Reage Allan    
Reaume Wayne Shearwater NS
Reesor Frank    
Regan C.E. Victoria BC
Rent Frederick Charles    
Rikely W. (Bill) Nepean ON
Riuox Andy    
Roberton Lorne F. Trenton ON
Roberts D.A. Oakville ON
Robertson Wayne    
Robinson D.W. Parrsboro NS
Robson Robbie (Ron)    
Robichaud Al    
Rogers Eugene (Buck) Kingston  NS
Rogers R.L. (Buck) Innisfil ON
Rol Frederic Downsview ON
Romans David “Wayne” Fenton    
Rompkey William "Bill"    
Rosenthall L. Dartmouth NS
ROY Leon    
Rubin Donald Port Clyde NS
Ruppert George William    
Ruthven Tony    


Saleski George Dartmouth NS
Salkus Thomas (Gus)    
Sams James Halifax Co. NS
Saunders Gary (Gus)    
Sawyer Anne Langley BC
Sawyer Keith St. Stephen NB
Sawyer Tom Oakville ON
Scheihauf Brian Alexander    
Schellinck A. Ft. Erie ON
Schroeder Wally Delray Beach FL
Schultz Gordon Frank    
Scotland Faye    
Shadbolt George Dartmouth NS
Shah Mohamedsheriff (Sonny) Sidney BC
Shaw Dennis    
Shee J Fredericton NB
Sheedy K St Albert AB
Sheeny William Dartmouth NS
Shellnut Ernest George (Ernie)    
Shwedyk Michael Waterdown ON
Simard Roger    
Skanes Gordie    
Skiffington Bill    
SLOR John    
Smith Peter Dartmouth NS
Smith Ted    
Snooks Fred Dartmouth NS
Sosnkowski Joseph    
Soward Stuart Victoria BC
Spicer Bob    
Spicer Ivey (Bob)    
Stanko George    
Steele G.A.D.(Dave) Lombardy ON
Stegen James W. 'Jim' (LCol. (Ret’d) CD, BBA)    
Stephenson John (Steve)    
Stone James (Jim)    
Stuart Alexander (Sandy)    
Sutherland Russell    


Talbot Raymond    
Tate Dave    
Tate Mary Frances        
Taylor Gord Milton ON
Taylor Jim Meagher's Grant NS
Theriault Denis    
Thoms Charles Robin    
Tillett Eric    
Timbrell RAdm. R.W. Chester Basin NS
Todd Carol (Al)    
Tonks Thomas Dartmouth NS
Topping D    
Tough J. Sarto MB
Tripp Frank E. Brunswick OH
Troughton Gordon Hamilton ON
Tuck Larry    
Tucker Ernie Surrey BC
Turner Thomas ‘Pinky’    
Turner Thomas W.    
Tweten Al    




Van Fleet Bernard    
Van Haastracht John Peter    
Vandahl Earl   ON
Vandal Henry Dartmouth NS
Vangalen Joseph Oakville ON
Verran Harry    
Veysey Jim Trail BC


Wagener Ross Dartmouth NS
Wahl Faye    
Wahl Peter Burlington ON
Walker William Pickering ON
Wannamaker D. G. Ottawa ON
Washbrook L.H.L. North Vancouver BC
Wasteneys M.E. Norfolk VA
Watkins Arthur ‘Art’    
Watson R.J. Ottawa ON
Way Gordon Kingston NS
Welch Douglas 'Pedro'    
Whalley A    
White Ron (Civilian VIP Driver)    
Whitney Kenneth (Ken)    
Wiese Glenn    
Wilgress Victor Ottawa ON
Witwicki Stanley Maple Ridge BC
Wolfe Milner Terry    
Woods Al    
Woods George Campbellton NB
Wright Carl Penentanguishene ON
Wybenga Peter    






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