A message from The Foundation President

Hello to all our SAMF Members out there in the wilds of this Covid 19 business! My first thoughts are to all of you, hoping that you are managing to adjust well to the once a week shopping trip to Superstore, talking to the grand kids on the phone as often as you can, hoping that that they aren’t trying to get away from you. Mom, how come they call so often?! They never used to! Can’t you just hear it now. It makes you feel so helpless doesn’t it. We all have to do out personal bit to ensure safety for everyone, but it sure gets old in a hurry. My wife has been cleaning the kitchen cupboards. It almost passes the old boys test, with the peas all sized right to left, next the corn niblets, the various sauces that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before…there must be a lot of sauce in what we eat! Then the chips stacked neatly in their brand new wicker box in the basement, the fridge in the kitchen has never been this organized, the burned out lightbulbs in the garage are all replaced now with brand new ones (I never knew there were that many shades of curly cue light bulbs before), and tomorrow, believe it or not, we’re going to clean out the freezer in the garage. I wonder how many different sizes of turkeys there will be resting on the bottom of it!?

But seriously folks, even if you just want to gab, give a call to an old friend. These are the types of activities we should all be engaging in. Get out your old telephone lists and see if how many of them you can find at the end of a telephone. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts you will find quite a few, and they will be overjoyed you called. Just tell them you are spending the time catching up with old friends. They will appreciate it.

Seriously though folks, don’t let this thing get you down. We have been through hard times in the past, and we persevered. This isn’t any fun, but we’ll persevere again I dare say. And come next fall the sunrises and sunsets may even be a different sort of a colour, as there isn’t as much pollution from car exhausts in the air. If you’ve got something on your mind museum wise, just give Karen or myself a call and we’ll see what we can do for you. But the most important thing to do is to stay safe folks. We want you around for as long as the good Lord wants you to be. Don’t let any of these nasty little virri get you down. It’ll all be over soon and we can all tell our stories down at the golf course towards the end of summer.

Take care all. And be kind to your grocery store clerks. Give them a wave and say hello and that you appreciate them.

John Cody

Memberships/ 500 club tickets/ 50-50 tickets can still be purchased by calling Karen Collacutt- McHarg at  902-461-0062,or 902-462-7043
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
eTransfer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can visit the Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation website and pay there while the snail mail has been stopped until this Covid-19 ends.
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Our first 500 Club draw was drawn Sept. 9th at 2pm. The winner of the inaugural draw was Peter Seward ($2000) and our weekly $200 winner was Ruth LeLacheur. Congratulations to you both.  Stay tuned for the next draws.....

There are still many draws left until May 2016 and we still have a few tickets left. If you are interested in being part of our "Club" contact Patti or the SAMF office for more information. 902-461-0062 or 902-720-1083  or toll free  1-888-497-7779.

Patti Collacutt - Gemmell


Shearwater Aviation Museum


June 1, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

The Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation has been working in conjunction with the Shearwater Aviation
Museum for the past 27 years to continue to build and expand our programs and offerings to the military and
civilian community alike. In order to meet our goals, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for
support. We hope that you will be able to take part in our newest venture to grow our building fund.

This year we are asking for your help to launch our newest fundraiser The 500 Club! What is a 500 Club you ask;
well, we will be selling 500 tickets at a cost of $100 per ticket. Between the months of September and May, we
will be having weekly and monthly cash draws as well as special events draws for additional cash and prizes. When
you purchase a ticket you are assigned a numbered tag on our 500 club board, the board remains at the museum
for each draw. Each draw, ALL tags go into the drum to be drawn out regardless if you have already won
previously. Your odds of winning are 1 in every 11th draw. However, if we do not sell 250 tickets, the draw will be
cancelled and all funds returned to the ticket purchasers.

This Fundraiser will be a great addition to our fundraising efforts and we look forward to your support. Should you
have any questions please feel free to contact us. To purchase tickets, contact SAMF office at 902-461-0062 or 1-
888-497-7779 (toll free) You can purchase your ticket over the phone with Mastercard or Visa.

Please see below for draw dates, and prizes.

Thank you for your continued support

Patti Collacutt – Gemmell
Shearwater Aviation Museum
Fundraising Committee





9TH FUN DAY OPENING DRAW $ 2,000.00 Peter Seward 
9TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Mrs E. Lelacheur 
16TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Mike Swinimer 
23RD WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Blanche Keats 
30TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 David Williams 
30TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Norman Inglis 
7TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Peter Pratt 
14TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 R. Cheaters
21ST WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Ivor Axford 
28TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Ken Brown 
30TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00  Owen Walton
4TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Clint Halfkenny 
11TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Lorraine Hogg 
18TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Edward Doyle
25TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Phyllis Jardine 
30TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Ross Riddell 
2ND WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Allan Darwin 
9TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Tim Kemp 
9TH VOLUNTEER CHRISTMAS PARTY $ 3,000.00 David Williams 
16TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Eric Tillett
23RD WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00  Jeff Hall
23RD MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00  Weldon Paton
6TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Bob Bailey
13TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Frank Dowdall 
20TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Marsha Wilson 
27TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Mick Stephenson
27TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Ralph Logan
3RD WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Dave Cawthra 
10TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Ivor Axford 
10TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Vaughn Raeside 
17TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 John Gruber 
24TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Jacquie Cody 
2ND WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Daniel Cyr 
9TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Sharon Berrigan
17TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Jack Devenney 
17TH ST. PATRICKS DAY $ 2,000.00 Catharine West 
23RD WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 S.Bowles
30TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 George Del Fabro
30TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Gary Doirion
6TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Vic Brand
13TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Stewart Russell
20TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Blanche Keats
27TH WEEKLY DRAW $ 200.00 Frank Smith 
27TH MONTHLY DRAW $ 500.00 Linda Briard 
4TH FINAL DRAW $ 2,600.00  
TOTAL   $ 25,000.00  

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