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Adventure In Chester

George Plawski

In the course of our journey to the 100th-anniversary celebrations of Shearwater, Ted Gibbon, Bill Park and I arrived in Halifax in Ted’s daughter’s car a day early. With time to spare, it was an easy decision to re-visit some of our old haunts, and we were soon cruising through the exquisitely preserved white-washed mini-paradise of Chester.

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Canada Aviation Museum Aircraft - Aircraft Carriers - Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

Prepared by Commander E.J. L’Heureux CD, RCN (Ret’d)

small bonnieNaval Aviation had its start only eight years after the Wright Brothers first flew their “Flyer” at Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA, in 1903 and less than two years after J.A.D. McCurdy made the first airplane flight at Baddeck, on Bras D’Or Lake, Nova Scotia.  It was in 1911 that Eugene Ely, an exhibition pilot, flew a Curtiss off the deck of the United States Ship (USS) BIRMINGHAM at anchor in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and flew it to Norfolk.  Two months later he flew from Camp Selfridge to a 120 foot wooden deck fitted on the USS PENNSYLVANIA anchored in San Francisco Bay, proving the feasibility of the aircraft carrier.


Canada Aviation Museum Aircraft - Sikorsky HO4S-3 (s-55) Horse Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)


Prepared by Robert Murray LCdr RCN (Ret'd)

This is an abbreviated history of the Canada Aviation Museum SIKORSKY helicopter 55877.  It briefly outlines the development history of this helicopter, the spectacular rescues it achieved and the background leading up to its being included in the Canada Aviation Collection. 


At Work and Play with the Flyboys 1952-1956

hutch5What follows is an excerpt from my memoirs covering the four years 1952-56 during which I was first introduced to the world of naval air. By this time I had graduated as a midshipman RCN from the Royal Canadian Naval College(1945-1947) and received my electrical engineering degree from UBC (1947-1950), graduating as a SLt. This was followed by a summer in the gunroom of HMCS Ontario after which I headed across the country in an old pre-war MG to undertake the Long Electrical course in Stadacona. The MG didn`t make it although I did, but that is another story.

Shearwater Aviation Museum Visit

sanf visitThis video highlights the stories and exhibits you can experience during a visit to the Shearwater Aviation Museum. Funded by a grant from the Directorate of History and Heritage at NDHQ, this project was produced by Red Reed Pictures of Nova Scotia, and is intended to give potential visitors a look at the museum and help our Veterans take a trip down memory lane today.

View vidoe on youTube here.



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Ship and Air Squadron Badges in use during period 1955 to 1969


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